Treasure Castle

Have you ever played a text-adventure game from the 1980s? Or wondered, how you could play one on mobile today without the typing? What would it be like?

Treasure Castle is a retro-style text-adventure game. Originally created in 1987, over 30 years later, we have ported it to iOS and Android platforms. With new features like a map, sound effects, background ambient mood music and autosave, the game plays fast and easier. This is not a point and click story. This is an actual 1980s text-adventure game with the writing and feel of it comes directly from the 80s. With over 60 “rooms” to explore and discover, you will enjoy a taste of yesteryear gameplay.

Please support a great musical artist, Kevin MacLeod, who through Creative Commons, allows their music to be used and heard where normally it may not.

What some of our fantastic users say...

Love the text game

“This was so much fun. I loved Adventure, but all that typing doesn’t work on an iPad. I loved the list choices for verb and objects (Look at door). The game map is great.”
“This game really made me think. I love that it had a map for me to navigate my way around. It is a great way for you to use your brain and it really gets you thinking for us non gamers. Make sure you play with sound. Because it doesn’t have visuals, it enhances the game.”
“Just started playing a couple days ago, but this game is addicting! So difficult to put down my phone. I love the descriptions of the rooms and the map helps me keep track of where i am and where i need to go. Can't wait to find the treasure!!!!”
“A great choose your own adventure style game! would love to see a sequel”
“This is so great for kids to strengthen their logic skills without a bunch of distractions. Pure brain power. For children who get frustrated by games that require timed skills, this is perfect. Plus it’s free and there are no in-app purchases required to complete the game. I even enjoyed playing it! 😁”
“I love their newest game Treasure Castle. A throwback game that was so much fun to play! No stress involved. A pure logic using game. No “in app” purchases”. Just sit back and think your way through the game to figure out where the treasure is! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Game Review

“As a “old-time” word gamer that liked to think through a game, I really enjoy this type of game. You have to think about where you have been as well as where you need to go. I like the moving map as well as a visual reminder of my progress. I have not finished yet and I am looking forward to a satisfied finish.”
“Very fun! Atmospheric, and funny, Treasure Castle has a consistently eerie and comical feel to it and somehow is able to pull them off equally. Rewarding exploration and just the right amount of sound effects, this text adventure is an excellent re-imagining of this revived genre.”

Great Adventure Game

This is a great throwback Text Adventure game. I miss these! This one really gets you thinking and using your imagination. Super Fun!

Cool game

"This is a pretty cool game..."

Treasure Castle Press Kit