Baby Frogs

Baby Frogs are curious creatures and love to swim and hop around but there is danger to them everywhere. Your job is to keep them safe, where you can see them, from dangers of hungry fish, birds of prey, scorpions and just getting stuck in mud. These and many more dangers can take your baby frogs from you. Dragonflies can distract you from your task. Rocks and cattails can steer your frogs into trouble.

There are over 30 different frogs to discover and learn about. Collect them all!

Baby Frogs: Wrangling

Baby Frogs: Wrangling is the same game as Baby Frogs only free with ads. If you like the game and want to remove all of the ads, you can just pay for it in the in-app purchase store to remove all of the ads for a very low price.


What some of our fantastic users say...

“Fun game!
This is a fun game for kids and adults alike. You need to prevent your frogs from escaping and it can get REALLY hard. I like the new frogs you can earn every so many levels. Really cool. Recommend!”
“Cool game. Lots of fun and entertaining.”
My daughter really enjoys this game. She is five and can play it by herself and entertain herself for an hour.
This game is for kids, but it's challenging enough for adults as well. I was surprised at how many frogs got away from me! LOL
LOVE THIS GAME Why? Because You can let your kids play it with out any worry. You don’t have to be online to play it. I love saving the little baby frogs, and collecting them in my collections screen. I also love the educational facts about the frogs. Do you like sitting outside listening to the frogs in the summer? This game makes me think of those good times. Try it you will like it!
Recommended !!
The concept of the game is really simple and interesting..
You just have to save frogs from various enemies and try to keep them on the screen..As you go along you will get different kinds of frogs.Kids as well as Adults will enjoy this game!!
Fun and challenging game!
The game is fun and really challenging to keep all the frogs on the screen.
Baby Frogs
Baby Frogs: Wrangling

Baby Frogs Press Kit