Baby Fatts: Magic Match


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Dated 04/05/2019

Working with artist and creator Colin Hoffman, aka Big C, we've partnered to create a Match 3 style puzzle game with his Baby Fatts Characters.

Keeping with the book "Baby Fatts: The World's First Dragon", this interesting simple game matched with your ability to see patterns and find ways to get higher scores, makes this a fun game for all ages, from 4 year olds and adults alike. We've also included the full book for purchase in-app as an electronic version or a link to Amazon for a physical copy of the book.

Please support a great musical artist, Kevin MacLeod, who through Creative Commons, allows their music to be used and heard where normally it may not. Three of Kevin's songs are in the game for a fun and sometimes quirky soundtrack while playing.

What some of our fantastic users say...

Great game. My daughter loves the book that goes with it!
Love the Game... and the Positive Message!
The artwork here is really adorable. The message of diversity in the book is heartwarming. And the gameplay is infectious. Highly recommended!!!!
A fun learning tool for young ages, but also a fun game for all age brackets. Many hours will be spent setting new high scores. Great job!
Great game for all ages. Keep up the good work!
Fun Game!! Cute characters
Love the game and the idea of a matching book. There are other games like this out there but the characters on this one are so adorable I can’t resist playing. Highly recommend for hours of enjoyment. And your kids can see the characters in the book you read to them.

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